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  • ​The single tech-free tool that can TRIPLE your sales and enroll high-paying clients without spending more time or doing extra work.
  • ​The BIGGEST mistake all coaches make that repels clients and how to fix it immediately so you can get a steady stream of clients
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About The Author
Maggie Chu
Maggie Chu is known to many as the ‘YES! Mentor.’ She has been the secret client-getting weapon behind some of the top 7 and 8-figure leading organizations in the coaching and consulting industry. 

She has sold millions of dollars in coaching programs globally teaching Coaches, Consultants and Speakers how to increase their sales and get high-ticket clients-without having to sell, by simply doing one thing: Master the Art of Enrollment.

Maggie is an multi-award winning coach and sales expert. For over a decade, she has successfully worked with a variety of coaches and entrepreneurs, helping them move beyond sales and selling instead teaching them a proven system of creating highly motivating offers filled with dream clients, so they can live their purpose, make a bigger impact and achieve unstoppable success.

Her gift is in knowing instinctively how to inspire others to say YES! to their offer in a way that is natural, authentic, and comes from a place of service.

Here are some of the success stories from following these exact same 7 tips:

"We Are Now Bringing in 1,200 New Clients Every Month"

"Maggie made millions of dollars worth of sales for my company. She developed a great system to help us go to the next level in sales. We're now bringing in 1,200 new clients every month. Maggie is a phenomenal coach, a phenomenal enroller, and she's the master at being able to have an inspiring conversation with a client...You should definitely learn sales from Maggie."

- Ted McGrath, Message to Millions, LA, CA

"Our Sales More Than Tripled to $14,000 in a Single Day"

Maggie makes an impact every time she coaches. People get results when they follow her. Maggie stands tall among the greatest coaches I have ever known and on a foundation of integrity, values, and HUGE sales success.

- Jean Ann Dolan, Regional Director of CAA

"People Are Saying “YES" Immediately Right on the Spot!"

I have seen a HUGE difference in my enrollment totals. My confidence while speaking with potential clients is at an all time high. I have more active and positive engagement from people which lead them to saying "YES" immediately right on the spot!

- Skype Ross, College Planning

"11 Enrollments in 2 Days!"

Your advice is spot on! I implemented your techniques in my last workshop, and I had 11 enrollments!!!! It was my highest since I first started! My business is growing exponentially, and I can say that I can attribute my success to following Maggie's advice.

- Andrea Bey, Health Coaching
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Copyright © 2019 Yes To Coaching - All Rights Reserved.